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We draw on our global network to assemble a team of professional experts.

We also bring a strong interest in coaching and capability building, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and effective stakeholder relationships.

Eng. Emmanuel Taseni

Managing Director (MD) Senior Consulting Civil

Mr. Barita E. Taseni


Eng. Heri Sanga

Senior Professional Engineer - Civil/ Material

Eng. Raphael Ngeve

Consulting Engineer - Electrical

Ms. Esther Mnzava

Senior Sociologist

Eng. Patricia D. Shayo

Consulting Engineer - Mechanical

Eng. Samuel Maguya

Professional Engineer - Environmental

Eng. Adam Lihawa

Senior Professional Engineer - Civil

Eng. David Ishimwe

Professional Engineer - Civil / Highway

Eng. Charles Mathias

Senior Professional Engineer - Civil

Eng. Maige R. Majuto

Senior Professional Engineer - Civil

Eng. Zanura J. Miraji

Senior Professional Engineer - Electrical

Eng. Yohana Faustine

Senior Professional Engineer - Civil

Eng. Willbard M. Mwombeki

Senior Professional Engineer - Civil

Ms. Rahma I. Rajab


Mr. Innocent Kimaryo

IT Technician

Mr. Stanley C. Kubingwa


Ms. Prisca I. Fungo


Karibu Nimeta Consult

Through our widely experienced and knowledgeable staff, we can commission and deliver projects to the satisfaction of our esteemed Clients.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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(8:00 AM – 17:00PM)