About Us

Smart Engineering Solutions, Exceptional Customer Service


NIMETA Consult (T) Ltd (NCL) was legally incorporated under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 212) in 2001 and registered with Engineer’s Registration Board (ERB) in 2002 as Local Engineering Consulting Firm. NCL is also a member of the Association of Consulting Engineers (Tanzania) (ACET); the association is affiliated to FIDIC. The firm is also registered by National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit (EA) Expert/Consultant.

“At NIMETA Consult (T) Ltd we follow a highly successful operational strategy that has resulted in an ability to deliver often complex outcomes in budget and on time. By careful, detailed analysis of individual projects and client requirements, our engineers develop the best possible solutions that are specifically tailored to meet client needs. The primary role of NIMETA Consult (T) Ltd is helping clients to successfully plan and execute infrastructure, industrial, residential, and environmental projects that are instrumental in the development of Tanzania, and that advance the commercial interests of stakeholders.

We are a completely independent consultancy, with no affiliation to any construction firms, suppliers or financial institutions, and as a result, we exclusively serve the interests of our clients.

Using the extensive interdisciplinary ‘know-how’ that we have acquired through many years of hands-on experience we apply sound engineering technology and judgement for the design, construction and management of projects. For organizations looking for the design or evaluation of a structural system, construction engineering support, or project management expertise, NIMETA Consult (T) Ltd has all the skills and resources necessary.